Louis Vuitton Desk Agenda


I had seen planner addicts, all the images and tagging on Instagram and Pinterest, being the stationary addict I am it wasn't too long before I became obsessed with peoples inserts, the way they plan and prioritize, the sticker collections etc. but I soon realised the planner life is not for me, too time consuming and wholly unnecessary for my current lifestyle. I did however gain an unhealthy obsession with the Louis Vuitton Agenda collection...

After many Youtube reviews, google image searches and other general research I decided to purchase the Desk Agenda, a ring-less agenda cover which also doubles as a notebook cover, similar to the (now discontinued) Couv Carnet, or the smaller Notebook Cover PM. Louis Vuitton does sell inserts designed to fit the Desk Agenda, however this cover fits anything A5, so a normal planner or notebook can just slip in the back pockets perfectly.

I decided on the Desk Agenda (a little hard to come by in the monogram, but I managed to order it online just before Christmas) rather than the classic Agenda GM due to the versatility of the Desk Agenda. I invested in the Pocket Agenda last year and use that daily for work, expenses, appointments, meetings etc. so I don't need another agenda type, I wanted a place to hold everything else, ideas, sketches, magazine clipping, receipts, general notes, references etc. In my research I discovered Grit & Glamour she uses a brand called Levenger in her Desk Agenda and recommended a similar brand Arc by Staples which is disk bound making the pages just as versatile as a ring bound agenda, this is what I have decided to use to organise my agenda, I will be doing a separate post about this soon.

I am so happy with my choice, its my new handbag companion, I still feel a bit awkward when I use it in public but I'm sure that will pass with time. Are you Planner addict?

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