Book Inspo


Recently I've really been into self help, self improvement, trying to improve my positivity and other areas I need to work on, I've downloaded a few books on iBooks which are helping a lot but I wanted to mention a few that I simply had to order to keep, purely for the aesthetic I had to see them in their real 3D form. 

Firstly I wanted to mention Sali Hughes' Pretty Honest, so good I bought it twice... I wanted the hardback version to keep on my book shelf but realised how impractical it was for reading on the go so I also bought the iBook version. This book is a step by step beauty guide, from choosing the right red, picking out Christmas gifts and what skincare you really need to how to apply foundation and how to deal with acne. A great read, really helpful even if you have your routine down to a fine art and great to keep for reference.

Secondly, the famous Instagram guide by Aimee Song 'Capture Your Style', an A-Z guide on how to take amazing, inspirational photographs with your phone, how to use your settings and editing apps to help, and how to create a perfectly curated collection of images to draw the attention of total strangers and inspire them to follow your account.

Third, the straight talking Sarah Knight and her Life Changing Magic Of Not Giving A F**k, a guide written from the first hand experiences of the author, on how to learn to please yourself instead of always trying to please everyone else and stressing yourself out in the process, this involves everything from over working to please your boss, saying yes to drinks every day to please your colleagues, agreeing to a baby shower to please a friend. Sarah Knight explains how to say "No." without 'being an asshole' and without the usual guilt.

And last but not least The Curated Closet by Anuschka Rees, a clear and concise way to clean out your closet, with lists, pie charts, changing room tests and questionnaires. This book helps you find yourself, your personal style and what your lifestyle needs from your wardrobe. Perfect for those who love a good sort out, the Marie Kondo fans out there.

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