About Grace

I am a beauty & fashion enthusiast, obviously. I also have a very keen interest in Fashion Photography, please see the 'blog' link to my Editorial based Tumblr.

I work as a visual merchandiser and I love it, I am free to express myself through how I put the clothes together and get to flex my creative muscles which I haven't done properly since uni (I did a foundation course in Art & Design at London College of Fashion).

This blog will mainly be about my life and lifestyle, so, places I go, what I wear, make up, toiletries, perfumes, nail varnishes that I use/test and what I buy. It is my mission to make this a daily blog because I love writing about pretty things and I take photos of EVERYTHING so I always have plenty of material to include. Occasionally I might add something old, like an event I went to a while ago or an exhibition I saw and haven't reported, so it's not always going to be chronological but that just me.... I'm crazy.

Skin tone - very pale, yellow undertone.
Skin type - combination, oily T zone, dry patches and generally dehydrated.
Skin concerns - oily, blemish prone, scarring, enlarged pores.

Hair colour - medium brown with blonde.
Hair type - naturally curly, long & fine but plenty of it.