Apartment Details


I have recently been given the opportunity to move into an apartment on short term let for work and I've managed to make myself quite at home so I wanted to share a few pics of how I've made it my own with just a few additions.

So the kitchen is really clean and bright but had a few bits cluttered on the side, utensils etc. which I just removed to keep it really clear and calm. The living area has a nice vintage pink sofa which was full of cutesy cushion but to make it more me I've just removed them and added my blanket since it's become much colder in the evenings now and the dining table had a printed table cloth so I have just removed it so I can keep this area as a desk, added my mags and a nice candle from Anthropologie. The bedroom and bathroom are pretty standard so I've just added a blanket to the bed and made sure the bathroom is full of all my favourite products to make it more my own.

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