Victor & Rolf. Secret Service.


I came home to a little package yesterday, when I opened it up it was a cute freebie sent from Viktor & Rolf.

At Christmas time I bought myself a new bottle of my favourite perfume, Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb, in the box is a little pink slip with a code on it, you go on the website and type in the code to become a Secret Service member. I had never taken any notice of these little codes, but the more you type in, the more 'secrets' you unlock and the more goodies you recieve.

This time I got a pretty little pink drawstring bag, inside was a 50ml tube of the Flowerbomb Bombilicious Voluptuous Body Cream and 1.5ml sample spray of the Flowerbomb perfume.

I really recommend using the codes and te secret service site, I cannot wait for the release of Bon Bon, the new fragrance launching in Spring, I think I might be buying that one too.

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  1. I love Viktor & rolf