Aesop Control Gel Review


Aesop Control Gel (£15/ 9ml).

I picked up this Aesop Control gel after Christmas so I thought it was time to give you my thoughts. So it comes in a tiny metal tube which is great for hygiene and travel purposes, it is a clear gel, quite thick and sticky in consistency, smells very pleasant for a spot treatment, not chemically but zesty and refreshing. This spot gel contains salicylic acid to fight spots but also a lot of natural oils such as lemon peel, tea tree leaf, witch hazel and sage. 

Once applied it creates a seal over the area but doesn't dry it out at all so it is great for under make up and for those who have dry skin. This is definitely no miracle worker but it's a really nice, gentle solution for blemishes and as a little goes a long way I would buy it again.

Of course I picked up plenty of samples whilst I was there too and I feel some money is soon to be spent.

Have you tried any Aesop products?

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  1. I've recently just finished my tube of Control Gel, and I loved it! x