My Acne Scarf


Acne Canada Scarf in Grey Melange (£110)

I have had this scarf on my wanted list for around 2 years now, maybe more, it was ever since I spotted a street style photo from one of the fashion weeks and the girl looked so bundled up and cosy I immediately hunted down the special 'cosy scarf' and it was this one from Acne Studios, the one in question was actually in a blush pink colour which was what drew me to it even more, unfortunately they do not stock that colour anymore.

Anyway,  I recently got wind of a bonus at work and decided to treat myself since it is starting to cool down here in England. So I chose the Grey Melange, it was a toss up between that and the Light Grey Melange but this seemed more practical for someone who wears a face full of make up every day. This scarf is 100% wool and dry clean only, the measurements are 200cm x 70cm so it is a whole lot of scarf and the price is £110 which seems a bit steep but for reference I spotted one on & Other Stories recently which is also 100% wool but measures 110cm x 62cm and costs £45, in short its half the scarf for half the price which makes it seem much more worth the pennies in my eyes. This is made from virgin wool which is known to be more durable and also somewhat water resistant which is great, it is very soft material and doesn't itch or scratch either. I  am so pleased with it, if you are trying to decide and need someone to sway your decision, let that person be me, I highly recommend it and I'm pretty tempted to get a black one too.

I picked this up from the Dover Street branch in London and I would like to also note how great the customer service was in there, the guy who served me was quick, polite, friendly, chatty and very helpful, I couldn't have asked for a better experience.

Have you picked up anything off your wanted list lately?

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  1. OMG it is beautiful! I need one for autumn and winter <3