Product Review: Chanel nail colour remover


So yesterday I bought the Chanel nail varnish remover, £13 for 50ml, quite pricey as you might expect from Chanel.

Was it worth it?
Well I used it this morning and I'm really impressed, I think the scent is making me biased, but I only used a small amount on one cotton wool ball which removed the 3 layers of nail polish from all my fingers : D

I'm a happy bunny, I think they give you such a small bottle because you only need a small amount.
I was wearing a nude colour Ciate polish which is known to be hard wearing, I assume, as with any remover, that a larger amount would be needed for a darker colour.

By the way it smells like Cabbage Patch Dolls and the smell stays on your hands for a long time too.

I recommend.

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