MAC nail polish review


So, I recently purchased my very first MAC cosmetics nail varnish, since everything else I have ever bought from them I have LOVED I thought "hey why not"

Naturally I bought a pink shade, 'Saint Germain', like the lipstick (which I already own) so I knew I would love the colour. 

Anyway. So firstly, please note, the lovely pretty opaque baby pink lipstick colour called 'saint germain' is nothing at all like the nail polish version, the polish is slightly deeper, slightly brighter and more of what I would call a candy pink, as opposed to the baby pink I was expecting. If you want that colour please try O.P.I's 'Mod about you' colour which I recently chose at a manicure (it's on my to buy list) it's long lasting opaque after two layers and very pretty baby pink shade.

The colour, apart from not being what I expected, was not a problem because I am a sucker for pink in any shade. But the quality itself is what really shocked me, like I say anyone who has used MAC products before will know that they are largely reliable, long lasting and very worth the money, this however was not :( very very runny no matter how much you shake the bottle, watery, making the coverage very thin and translucent, 3 layers are a MUST unfortunately, which was very time consuming, adding an extra 15 minutes at the end for drying too. No good for a quick fix.

It is however lovely once it's on and dry. But I think I'll stick to O.P.I. Full coverage, same price, 2 coats max and long lasting. 

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