MAC Shadescents


When I saw all the adorable Instagram snaps of overyones MAC Shadescents PR samples, with all the sweeties and cute teddy bears, that was it, sold. I had to get involved.

I ordered the Velvet Teddy lipstick as its a shade I had always heard about but never actually tried.
It is described as a deep-tone beige and is a matte finish, I would say the shade description is completely wrong to be honest as its much more of a warm browny red, almost near brick I would say but slightly toned down, the feel is smooth and hydrating like all Mac lipsticks and the matte finish is very flattering for the shade.

Scent wise, I went for Creme De Nude, mainly decided by other bloggers descriptions, people saying it was 'the most' or 'the only' wearable scent. Of course, I cannot describe it at all, its not similar to any I own, it has hints of vanilla and is quite musky but light at the same time, its not overpowering at all and therefore can be worn day and night. I ordered online, but had I been instore and had the opportunity to test this first I probably wouldn't have bought it but I will wear it nonetheless.

I have to say, the packaging of these is amazing, very instagrammable of course, but also chic (the perfume) and convenient (the lipstick), the latter being the most useful as it doesn't involve looking through 6 other Mac lipstick bases before coming across the shade you want.

Did you get anything from the line up?

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