Sostrene Grene, a Hidden Gem


Whilst on a recent trip to Cork, Ireland, I discovered this cute little store Sostrene Grene, which is kitch Swedish store, similar in ways to Tiger, but a lot more chic. They stock everything from pots & pans to notebooks and ribbon, unfortunately I had my hand luggage only situation to consider so could only pick up a few bits.
I went with the standard theme of my two favourite colours pink and gold, not intentionally, but I am naturally drawn to these shades. I spotted these cute little notebooks (not that I could possibly ever need another notebook) that I couldn't leave behind, picked up some spare ribbon to add to my gift wrapping selection, a matte pink melamine plate (which I am currently using to store jewellery but can be used for cake at a later date), some little pearl stickers which I thought would be handy for my new planner/diary obsession, a giant gold document clip and lastly the amazing gold cutlery I just could not be without (I actually had to give these to a friend to add to her luggage for fear they would be confiscated at security).

This shop is a true hidden gem, I wish there were more around, but they have a website which lists all stores, I have linked it above. Have you ever been to Sostrene Grene?

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