A Week Off


I had a week off from work recently and it gave me time to do some of the things that have been way over due, I took a few pictures during the week so I just thought I'd post them up. I managed to spend some time cleaning my muji drawers and their contents so there is no nasty foundation fingerprints anymore, I also gave my brushes a good clean. I got a good few days to spend on my blog, adding in links to loads of old posts and drafting up new ones and I spent a day with my good friend at Starbucks scheduling loads of future posts so I can be on track. The backlog of magazines I have is ridiculous at the moment and I finally managed to catch myself up (almost). I had a few lazy days watching the Sex & The City box set and pampering myself and finally I gave my bag a good clear out ready to go back to work. I think the next time I book some time off I'm going to try and take a trip back to Paris for a few days so I can't wait for that. Hope you enjoyed seeing how I spent my time.

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