H&M Beauty Haul


I was so excited to see that H&M were launching a proper beauty range and I finally made my way to Oxford Circus to pick up a few bits, I didn't get any pictures of the I store set up but I'm sure there are some on Google, it's really well thought out with a beauty station in the centre and everything has individual testers too. The range has a bit of everything tools and brushes, face masks, body washes and scrubs, concealers, highlighters, matte lipsticks, sheer lipsticks, bronzers in plenty of shades, eyeshadow palettes, nail polishes, hair spray, roll on perfume, a few different types of foundation, Creme blusher, powder blusher, the list is endless and there are still plenty of bits that I want to try. I am thinking of making a trip to the pop up H&M Beauty shop in Brick Lane at the end of the month so I'll keep you posted. In the mean time here's what I have picked up so far.

Pure Radiance Powder Blusher £6.99/ Quick Dry Nail Spray £3.99/ Eye Colour Palette £9.99/ Concealer Pen £6.99

Cashmere Haze Body Wash £2.99/ Cashmere Haze Body Lotion £3.99

The Works Session Hairspray £5.99/ Get It Straight Smoothing Balm £5.99

Have you tried anything from H&M Beauty?

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