L'occitane Amande (Almond) Range


L'occitane Amande (Almond) Bodycare range 

Almond Shower Oil
Basically a body wash but in oil form, very soothing but doesn't lather up very much (its not designed to) which takes some getting used to as I expect bath products to create bubbles. I do find that I have to use quite a bit of product which isn't that great considering the price point but OMG the scent makes it worth it, its totally indescribable so I won't even try but… wow. The only thing I would say is that neither the moisture or the scent seem to linger on the skin for very long which is quite sad.

Almond Milk Veil
I bought this as a cheaper alternative to the Velvet Balm, it is instantly moisturising, its ultra light and soaks in straight away, again the scent doesn't really linger for very long and of course this is a lotion so its not heavily hydrating, just a light moisturiser. It is also worth noting that this has tiny little glitter particles in it.

Almond Delicious Soap
I love love love this, it has the same beautiful scent of course, it contains crushed almond shells which exfoliate the skin and leave it super soft, getting rid of dead skin cells and stimulates the skin microcirculation. This is quite an intense exfoliator so if you prefer something gentle, this isn't for you, but it is amazing and this little bar lasted a really long time too.

Supple Skin Oil (sample)
This is a very lightweight, almost dry oil which literally leaves the skin feeling so soft, dries in well so no worries about transfer on clothes or anything, and best of all the scent actually stay on the skin with this product.

Velvet Balm (sample)
This is literally as described, its a cream/balm in the tub but once it goes onto the skin it turns into velvet, leaves the skin feeling soft and smelling great all night.

Have you tried anything from the range? I highly recommend everything I have tried so far.

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  1. I love L'Occitane and really want to try out their almond range!

    Rachel | Beauty and the Bird / WIN A MAC LIPSTICK OF YOUR CHOICE

    1. Omg the scent is indescribable, they've got a set of minis for Christmas in at the moment only £20 I want to get it for travelling but it's a good way to test all the products too x