Top Hand Creams


I'm going to do a 'Top' series, starting off here with my Top Hand Creams...

1. Soap & Glory
I love everything I try from this brand but the hand creams have been a firm favourite for years, the original Hand Food and more recently the Super Cream, both of which smell gorgeous and a thick enough to thoroughly moisture but do not leave a greasy residue and leave hands soft for hours.

2. Loccitane 
Here is a new and an old favourite in one, the original Shea Butter hand cream I have loved for years, a little goes a long way so it's worth the price tag, the scent is soft and fresh and it's super hydrating. The Almond version however is a new favourite, the scent is indescribable and although this is more of a lotion in texture it certainly doesn't scrimp on moisture.

3. & Other Stories
This brand can do no wrong, I love almost everything I have tried and it's so reasonably priced too, these hand creams are a much thicker consistency than the lotions they sell in the pump bottles, a little goes a long way with these too, non greasy, absorb quickly and the scents linger for ages, these are great for handbags because of the size.

4. Body Shop
Another old faithful, the Vitamin E hand & nail treatment has been in and out of my drawers for years, it's a very thin consistency which reminds me of baby lotion but don't be deceived it provides great hydration and really helps to keeps the skin soft.

5. Laura Mercier
The newest of the bunch, I have the Almond Coconut and the Creme Brûlée, both are equally great at moisturising, it's a nice thick cream which means these tubes are going to last a while and the scents last all day, no kidding, I'm so impressed. They are priced but I think totally worth it!

Have you tried any of these? Which are your favourites?

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