L'occitane Advent Calender 2015


L'occitane Beauty Advent Calender 2015 (£39)

So this year I finally treated myself to a beauty advent Calender, and since I have recently fallen in love with L'occitane products I decided it should be from them. I am actually going to keep this for December and use it like a proper advent Calender instead of being a typical beauty blogger and opening it all straight away to review but there is a list of everything on the back so I will list it all here for you instead. I think this would be abreast present to get for someone interested in beauty and skincare or for someone who travels a lot because it includes a lot of minis that would be great for light packing.

This Calender includes 17 products:
Rose hand cream 10ml
Jasmine soap 50g
Dry skin hand cream 10ml
Milk extra gentle soap 50g
Flora hand cream 10ml
Ultra rich face cream 10ml
Almond hand cream 10ml
Ultra rich body lotion 30ml
Shampoo for dry & damaged hair 35ml
Flora eau de toilette 5ml
Conditioner for dry & damaged hair 35ml
Body lotion 30ml
Cherry blossom hand cream 10ml
Moisturising lip balm 5ml
Almond shower oil 30ml
Verbena shower gel 30ml
Foot cream for dry skin 10ml

It also includes 7 extras:
5 gift tags
Cookie cutter
Set of place cards
10 stickers
Nail file
Sachet of stars
Tree decoration

Have you bought a beauty advent Calender this year?

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  1. What a fab advent calendar! I havent bought one yet but I definitely want to get my hands on a beauty one <3

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    1. I know I'm so excited to get one this year can't wait to start opening it lol I'm like a kid!! ;)