L'oreal Infallible Fixing Mist


L'oreal Infallible Fixing Mist

This has actually been in my stash ever since it was released, a good few months now, and it is actually coming to and end now so I thought it was time I write my thoughts.

So, you get a pretty generous amount in the bottle and it's a reasonable high street price (100ml/7.99), the bottle comes with some small ball bearings inside (like a lot of ail polishes too) which help to mix the product when it is shaken and it does really need to be shaken well as you can see the powdery part of the mixture settle at the bottom of the bottle when it's not in use.

The spray is pretty light but I would still say it is more of a spray than a mist, it says to hold the bottle around 20-25cm away when spraying, I would definitely follow this guide, as the few times I have accidentally used it closer my face has felt very dry and stiff. I think this product is great for the high street, when used as directed, I do find it slightly heavier on the skin than the likes of the Urban Decay version but it really does help make up stay put and I can tell the difference if I forget tower it one day.

Have you tried this?

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