RMS Beauty Coconut Cream


I have read about this a number of times but I was always happy with my BodyShop Camomile Oil, but at Christmas there were plenty of offers so I managed to find it for a bargain price.

So this is actually coconut cream, which is derived from coconut oil and is not treated by anything whatsoever and is totally natural. A lot of people are scared of coconut oil or any oil for that matter, but coconut oil is know for its anti fungal and anti bacterial properties which makes it a great cleanser and generally really good for he skin. 

This smells amazing, coconut as you would imagine but very soft and creamy. I used a small amount which I let melt into my fingers and smooth all over my face (full of make up) sounds gross I know, but it's great. This loosens eye make up without tugging at all and foundation comes off without any trouble at all, I then wipe my face clean with a Muslim cloth and repeat if necessary. Leaves my skin so soft, not greasy at all, Infact there is no residue, only soft moisturised skin. 

It's worth noting that this is oily therefore when it heats up it does melt, so it should be stored flat and in a relatively cool place. I will definitely be restocking when I'm done with this tub. Have you tried it?

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