Gone So Long


Hello everyone who is still following and checking in every now and then, I just wanted to get a quick post up to apologise for the lack of content on here over the last few months. I have started a new job role at work which has been consuming an awful lot of my time, and even when it isn't, it is the reason I am too tired to blog, however, I am getting into the swing of things now and really want to get back to blogging, I have tonnes of content that has been building up since Christmas as I have still been up to date on new beauty launches and have photographed everything ready for review, I just haven't got round to the reviewing part. I am going to start scheduling again as that was working really well for me before and it is the easiest way to keep up to date on here and not create myself a huge backlog like I have now. (whoops!!) I just wanted to thank those of you who are still following and let you know that content will be coming back very soon, it may be slightly out of sync as I have accumulated these bits over the last 3 months but I will try and keep it as relevant as possible and will maybe back date some of the themed posts (from Christmas or Valentines etc.). I hope this is all good with you guys and don't forget you can follow my Instagram (thegluelessscr4pbook) for constant updates as I am always on there.

Looking forward to getting posting again, until then, take care.


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