Bobbi Brown Mini Mask Trio Review


I know I'm pretty late to post this and it is actually no longer available (trust me, I've looked for a back up everywhere) but I thought it would still be helpful if anyone was interested in buying a full sized version as it helped me out greatly when deciding if or not to take the plunge. 

Instant Detox
This is a clay mask, sets very quickly, has a lovely zingy citrus scent and the results are instantly soft, squeaky clean skin and pores were noticeably smaller.

Radiance Boost
This really reminded me of the origins ginzing scent, very fresh, contains super fine grains of walnut, this was actually my favourite of the 3 as my skin didn't feel dry after it was actually soft and smooth.

Skin Nourish
This has a very thick consistency, similar to looking at baby lotion, the scent was really hard to put my finger one, kind of a bit chocolately but fruity, very pleasant and subtle. The results were soft, smooth skin, all residue soaked away leaving fresh skin and no great layer of product after.

I use these as a set detox, exfoliate and then nourish and found it to work really well, I'm sure you could also exfoliate the entire face first and then multi mask the other two in areas that need cleansing and areas that need nourishing. My skin was left with visibly smaller pores/ less blackheads and it was very smooth and soft, similar to the effects of the Origins Retexturizing Mask, the recommended time to leave them on for is 2-5 minutes and I found that perfect as its only took around 10 minutes to do 3 full treatments. The full sized tubes are £33 for 75ml which is pretty pricey but when you consider the ingredients and the results I would say they are worth it. Despite the Radiance Boost actually being my favourite from the trio, I actually chose to pick up Nourish as I thought the Radiance boost was probably too close to the Origins one I mentioned and I have really been suffering with a lot of patchy dryness over the last few months, I'm really glad I went for it, it's such a dream to use and it's actually lasting me ages.

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