LV Pocket Agenda


Louis Vuitton Pocket Agenda (160.00) & Insert (38.00)

This I purchased as a present for myself after getting my new job, as I wanted to treat myself but I also wanted something appropriate that I would actually use all year round (as opposed to a new purse that I would only use seasonally or for a few months at a time).

I researched quite a few of the LV agendas as they have actually become quite popular on YouTube so it was really easy to find good reviews on lots of different styles and sizes, I was pretty tempted by the small ring binder too but I thought it would be too fragile for the amount of travelling I am doing, with it being thrown from one bag to the next on a weekly basis. I didn't want to risk the pages getting ripped out of the binder etc, plus I've heard the pen loop is tiny so that didn't make the pocket version any less appealing as I would have to carry a loose pen with that too, and let's be honest who doesn't have a pen with them at all times anyway??

So as for the print, I actually usually go for the Damier prints because they are less flashy and more traditional but I decided to get the LV Monogram for this as I quite liked the simplicity of it for some reason. The inserts have to be purchased separately and this is something to consider when choosing which style as I found out in my research that there are plenty of brands that sell inserts which fit into the ring binder style, however it is very hard to find one to fit the pocket agenda. I don't see this as a problem because even though it's pretty pricey for a diary insert, I only have to buy it once a year, I chose the Japan version as everything is exactly the same as the English version except the day squares are blank (as you can see above) and in the English one they are lined with times next to them. I prefer not to be restricted and I also have pretty big handwriting so it suits me much better. You also get a world map and an address book with the insert.

I also saw in my research that the Pocket Agenda is commonly used as a card holder/ phone holder and general wallet when it is not in use as a diary, which sold me even more, there are three card slots at the front (which I currently use for business cards, stickers, stamps and other stationary) and two large pockets either side (where the paper inserts slot in). So it is very easily transformed into a wallet.

Hope this review has been helpful.

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