Take Away Beauty: Hand Luggage


I have to do a lot of travelling for my job now, only inside the UK, but every week I am in a new city or town, I just wanted to talk a bit about how I decide what to pack, how my routines have changed and how I stay organised.

I usually have the same tools each time so it really makes it easy to repack them, I try to keep them in a separate pouch or pocket and I always carry my hair brush, tooth brush, wipes, a headband, muslin cloths, cotton buds & pads, a loufa, a mini razor, mini tweezers, scissors and a nail file. I usually also take my hair straighteners and never a hairdryer, its takes up far too much valuable space. For my make up I have separated my home and away brushes (the away ones are the best as I use them the most) and I always take a beauty sponge and a wedge sponge (for powder).

Body & Hair
I have invested in a lot of minis and any time I see some that might be handy I snap them up, I have become a little obsessed really, I'm also making great use out of all the free samples I have stored up. I usually take a matching shower gel & body cream and a matching shampoo & conditioner, then its literally toothpaste, deodorant, maybe some fake tan and products for my hair, protection mist, Bumble & Bumble Pret-a-Powder, a styling spray and some type of serum.

I have learnt to decant and have purchased quite a lot of travel pots from Muji and Bobbi Brown, again I take sample sizes and sachets wherever I can, I try not to disrupt my usual routine if I don't have to, but I also don't want to end up with 50 tiny jars of cream so sometimes I have to compromise, but it has actually given me a lot of time to try new products, knowing that I have to use them all week so I can get a good feel for them. I usually pack and oil or balm cleanser, a micellar water, a secondary cleanser, and exfoliant, a serum (sometimes day and night), day and night moisturisers, eye cream, a few masks (decanted), facial spray, some type of spot gel and a lip balm.

For work I know I need really long lasting products that can pull their weight so I generally go with old faithfuls (with the exception of eye & lip colour as their longevity is not as crucial). As a general rule, at least 2 foundations (decanted usually), a corrector, always Nars concealer, a loose powder, a pressed powder, bronzer, one blush, highlight, contour, eyeshadow palette, Burberry Almond shadow(always), mascara, a couple of brow options (and angled option and a fine option), brow gel and many many lip liners, sticks, balms etc. (always in nude shades).

The only extras I bring are sometimes a fake tan option as mentioned earlier, or at least the Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs, a nail polish or two and remover. I kind of love getting to repack new products and options every week, it really gives me time to get to know the pros and cons and if I truly like a product or not.

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