So the Swedish clothing brand COS, teamed up with Danish homeware brand HAY a few months back (it is still available online at COS now), and of course I took the chance to pick up a few of the bits on my wish list.

Ballograf Pen in Pink 17.00
A traditional pen attached to its own stand with silver chain, that kind of reminds me of the old pens which were attached to the desks inside banks. 

Plated Pen in Pink/Gold 4.00
Super chic and sleek gold and coral ball point pen.

Edge Notebook in Pink/Gold 5.00
Gorgeous pink notebook, paper back, gold leaf edges and pink plain pages, good for notes or doodles.

Set of 5 Metal Hangers in Rose Gold 8.50
Strong and sleek with indentations for straps so they do not slide off.

So glad they have done this collaboration, it just makes it so much easier to shop HAY, I know there are stockists in the UK, but this makes everything all in one place, and it's almost a sort of 'pick of the bunch' situation so all the best stuff has already been selected. I think I'm going to be ordering a few more of the notebooks soon. Have you picked anything up?

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