So I hit the Chanel counter again...


I have been coveting the Chanel Chance Eau Fraiche fragrance for ages now but I have already bought 4 perfumes this year (slightly excessive I know, but perfume is my weakness) and so I didn't know whether I could justify £55 on the Fifth one.

I was scouting around in the Chanel section on the Boots site and saw that they actually sell a Moisture Mist which is £28.50 for 100ml, so of course I caved.

I'm actually known by the Chanel representative in my local Boots now (whoops!) so when I popped in to pick it up she actually threw in some cute samples for me to try.

I purchased the Chanel Chance Eau Fraiche Moisture Mist 100ml and the samples I received were a miniature Imitable Intense Mascara in black which came in a really cute little toothpaste-like tube (like the Eyeko ones) I have only used this once so no reports yet, but keep an eye out for a review. I also received a mini Hydra Beauty Creme which I was really excited about because I have always wanted to try the Chanel Skincare and the full price version of his is a whopping £50, I have actually nearly finished this little tube so I will pop a mini review up soon.

Over all I love shopping for Chanel beauty products, the service, the samples, the products and the gorgeous gift wrapping are all what you would expect from such a high end brand.

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