Space NK Payday Spend Up


Last pay day I took a little trip to my nearest Space NK and proceeded to buy a few things I had been wanting to try, I'm just going to show you what I got and full reviews will come on separate posts soon.

So firstly since I'm such a concealer whore I had to pick up the super famous Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage concealer duo, I actually used my Ncentice points for this so I only paid £21 which I was happy about. I chose the shade SC-2 because the SC-1 looked way too dark in comparison, this has two sections, the smaller side is a salmon pink toned shade which is great for counteracting dark circles and the larger section has a normal yellow toned flesh shade which is best for blemishes and redness.

The other item I had been wanting to try was the Nars Matte Multiples, I was debating over the shades because I couldn't decide wether I wanted a brown shade to use for contouring or a pink shade so that I could use it for bothe lips and face. As you can see I went for the pink choice, this is the shade Anguilla and this was £30, which I do think is a bit steep compared to their other price points for similar quantities but I do also think it will last a good while. As I mentioned these are designed for cheeks and lips so I will be testing this out on both, I'm an oily girl though so I mainly wanted this for my cheeks.

Are there any other goodies I need to look out for next time I'm in Space NK ?

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