Dior Backstage Brushes Brush Cleanser


I had run out of my trusty MAC Brush Cleanser and after seeing this online a few times I thought I'd give it a try. This being the Dior Backstage Brushes Brush Cleanser (£15, 150ml), after trying it out over the last couple of weeks I thought I'd give you my thoughts.

So of course the packaging, without question is very high end and chic looking, a clear plastic bottle so you can see how much is left, with silver writing and a silver 'Dior' embossed lid, although it looks lovely on the dressing table, the lid is not secure at all so for travelling purposes this wouldn't be great in my opinion but over all 9/10 for me as I wouldn't be taking this anywhere.

As for the despenser, it is actually a pump which I personally don't feel works as well as the MAC 'pour out as much as you need' version, it kind of shoots the product out and makes it hard to spread it over a vast area which I find has me using more than I actually need each time. Also the lid isn't removable like the MAC bottle so I can't even empty it into my spray bottle. The formula itself is perfect, quick and easy, doesn't leave my brushes feeling dry and dries quickly so brushes are ready to use again straight away. I would say the only difference between this and the MAC offering is the colour (MAC's being pink) and the price (MAC's being £11 for 233ml).

Overall I don't think I would repurchase this and I'll be going back to MAC when it runs out, but I don't regret buying it as it was a nice treat and something different to try.

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