Chanel Le Blanc De Chanel


I realised recently that I actually haven't given this beauty a full review yet, and it's about time I did...

This just might be the most luxurious primer ever, but even if it isn't it is still amazing. It comes in a glass bottle with a mini CC engraved spatula to apply it with, it is a thick white fluid which dries to an almost powder finish, not tacky at all which I love. One my pale skin there is no visible 'white cast' but with the small amount needed I can't imagine there would be on any skin tone. A little truly does go a long way so this bottle should last forever (almost), it's a bit pricey but I think considering what you use each time it's definitely worth it. This primer is lightly scented like all Chanel beauty products.

The effect is a soft natural glow which is perfect for me as I usually use matte or satin finish foundations so it keeps the skin looking healthy. It is a very lightweight formula which dries in quickly on the skin and leaves a velvet finish. This primer can be used alone, under foundation, mixed with foundation or added on top in certain areas that need an extra highlight. I have been using it mainly under my foundations but I have also tried it as a highlight a few times and it gives such a nice blurred effect with no glitter or shimmer whatsoever. Also note, my skin type is Oily/Combination and I love this, so don't be afraid if you're any oily girl, this is very sheer and natural and won't add to your problems.

I really recommend this product, I think it really is worth it's high end price tag.

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