Lash Extentions, My Experience


The picture above is before the Extentions, but my natural lashes have been dyed a Blue Black as their natural colour is a very fair blonde and not all lashes can be extended so to give maximum effect she dyed my natural lashes first.

This picture above is after lashes have been attached and before final smaller lashes are added.

This is the final finished look.

The pictures above are the final look, no mascara has been added to either the top or bottom lashes (the bottom lashes are natural but with the Blue Black dye).

I have been getting my Lashes extended by a qualified friend of mine for about a year now on and off, I think I have had 3 or 4 full sets in total, the cost is £60 which is justified buy the amount of time an patience that goes into them. It takes around an hour and a half for them to be extended but can but up to 2 hours depending on the volume of your natural lashes.

They can be a variety of different lengths and finishes, from 8mm (inner and outer corners) up to 15mm
(For extreme looks), shiny for a mascara look or matte for a natural finish. In the pictures above she has used mainly 10 and 12 for a wispy natural look.

These lashes last depending solely on your natural lash regrowth (lashes naturally shed around every 2 weeks), so they fall out according to you natural lashes, mine lasted me 2-3 weeks each time, but infills can be applied inbetween at a reduced rate.

You can use mascara with these lashes but it is not advised as the rubbing during removal can cause the lashes to fall out prematurely. No oil make up removers are supposed to be used around the eye area when you have the extentions as it can loosen the glue.

I love the look of these and if my budget would allow I would get them continuously, like I said they last solely based on your own lashes and do not weigh down or damage your natural lashes as new ones grown in their place and they do not need to be removed unlike strip lashes.

If you are interested or have any enquiries please contact Francesca above, she is based in Uxbridge, North West London, but she also does home visits (within limits) if you are unable to get to her.

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