Mac Prep + Prime Highlighter


Mac Prep + Prime Highlighter in Light Boost (£18.50/ 3.6ml)

I'm not hugely into the whole contour movement, I don't paint half my face one colour and the other half another or anything crazy like that (if I had the time or patience, sure) but I do like certain elements of it, I like a dab of contour cream or a bit of KA sculpting powder under my cheek bones and a sprinkle of highlight powder on the tops of my cheeks, that's as far as I go usually, but I have seen this baby in action on YouTube and I needed it in my life.

I don't go crazy with it but I usually do foundation, concealer and then add this in a V shape under my eyes, around my nose and in the centre of my forehead, it works best when I have fake tanned or used cream bronzer on my face but even without all that it's still really effective, it has reflective qualities without being glittery. It's highly pigmented but it's still best to use it over a concealer in my opinion, it's really creamy and easily blendable but it has a wet finish so it needs to be set with powder. I find this work well for all areas of the face not just the under eye area but it does crease slightly throughout the day even when set which is a bit annoying.

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