Victoria Beckham/ Nails Inc


I was lucky enough to recieve one of the limited Victoria Beckham for Nails Inc polishes (£25/ 14ml) for Christmas and I thought it was about time I reviewed it for you guys.

So firstly I chose the shade Bamboo White which is a really pretty pale beige colour, even though I loved the red too, I knew I would get more use out of the nude. This shade kind of reminds me of Essie Fiji, Barry M Lychee and the like. The formula is quite thick which I would say is the only fault, it could do with just a bit more slip to smooth the application, this is pretty pigmented for a nude and fully opaque after two coats which is impressive. The brush is one of the flat variety like the YSL ones which evenly distribute the product and it dries fast too which is great but it does mean you have to work fast aswell. Finally the packaging is gorgeous, sleek matte black (or white if you chose the other shade) bottle with sheer sides to identify the shade, perfect, as this was a special collection it also came in its own box and gift bag, which don't quite make the price justifiable but they help.

Over all I'm really pleased with this polish and although slightly overpriced I still think it was worth it. Did you get your hands on one?

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