Aesop Amazing Face Cleanser & Tea Tree Leaf Facial Exfoliant


I recently treated myself to this set of Aesop goodies, I had been wanting them for a while and I finally decided to take the plunge, they are not the cheapest skincare products on the planet so I was feeling a bit guilty until I tried them properly; I have tried the Tea Tree Leaf Exfoliant before from a few different testers and that is actually what lead me to buy the full size, I didn't go in blind, I havn't tried this particular cleanser before, I actually had a couple of samples of the Parsley Seed one which were great but after hearing so many good reports about the Amazing and Fabulous cleansers I decided to go for one of them instead. The sales assistant told me the Amazing was better for an oily/ blemish prone skin type so I went with that one.

The cleanser contains mandarin rind, ylang ylang and lavender stem and says it is a "concentrated low-foaming formula to remove grime and oiliness." It has a lemony herbal scent like most of their products which is really refreshing for a cleanser. I am in love with this cleanser, I think I can quite happily say that it's the best one I have ever used and it was totally worth the money. I use one pump (it comes in a screw top bottle but they provide a seperate pump with it) which is plenty and gives my face a good thorough clean without drying it out or leaving that stiff feeling.

The exfoliant contains aloe vera, walnut shell and of course tea tree leaf, this is "An exfoliating blend of ground botanicals designed to be mixed with your preferred Aesop face cleanser." So it is small grains of tea tree leaf which are loose in a pot for you to then mix with whichever cleanser you prefer, for this I use half a pump of the cleanser and a sprinkling of the exfoliant the same size as the cleanser, mix together between my fingertips and rub into my face concentrating on the most congested areas (nose, chin and inner cheeks) and then just splash it all off with warm water. They advise you to use this 2 times a week, I use it 2-3 times a week because my skin is quite resiliant. my skin has never felt softer of smoother I kid you not, not drying or stripping at all, it's amazing, and the two together are great. 

They lso do an exfoliating paste which I am interested to try and I think I will pick up the Parsley seed cleanser and mask next time too. Have you tried any of these?

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