Travel Size Skincare


I've been working away from my usual area so I was in a hotel for a few weeks and had to pack relatively light because of the travel so I thought I'd share some of the skincare bits that I took with me.

I picked up the Origins mini skincare set in the sale a few months ago and thought it would be a great time to put it to use properly, so I took the Checks and Balances face wash which I actually found to cleanse my skin very thoroughly but it did leave my skin feeling kind of stiff which isn't something I like in a cleanser at all, I took the Modern Friction Exfoliator which I really liked, the beads are pretty big but it didn't seem harsh at all and left my face feeling really smooth, I took the Ginzing moisturiser for the mornings which I totally fell in love with, it's very moisturising but not heavy so it dries in quickly for immediate make up application and I took the High Potency Night-a-mins for the night time which again, I loved, thick and heavy but not greasy and I didn't wake up with any residue left on my face either. I also took the Ginzing eye cream which I used both morning and night and it's a lovely light cream with brightening properties which is probably best for the daytime but worked well for both.

As for masks I took the Origins Clear Improvement charcoal mask for a deep cleanse incase I got any dreadful breakouts, I do like this for a deep cleanse but it is kind of messy and there are others I prefer but it does do the job well, I also took the Antipodes Aura Manuka Honey mask for a bit of a softer cleanse with a tad of moisturising in there too, I have reviewed this before. I took the Jouer Anti Blemish primer because I thought it was the most multi tasking of the ones I own, anti blemish (kind of), oil control and generally keeps make up on a little longer.

I have done a few beauty orders online at Net-a-porter and they come in little resealable bubble wrap bags which are so handy I used one to carry all my cotton wool and buds to keep them from getting grubby.

What do you take away with you?

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