Bumble & Bumble Pret-a-Powder


Bumble & Bumble Pret-a-Powder (£7.50/ 14g)

This stuff has been on my wish list ever since it launched but I didn't realise that they made a travel size version so when I spotted it on one of Paulemk's posts I ordered it immediately. So it is supposed to be part dry shampoo part volumiser and I love it. It has a beautiful light scent which automatically freshens up the hair, it is a very fine soft texture and you only need a very small amount (I thought this bottle was ridiculously small when I received it in the post, as though it would only do for 2 or 3 applications, however I still haven't even reached the half way mark yet and I have been using it non-stop) which makes it very worth the money as I find normal dry shampoo to run out pretty quickly. I just sprinkle it all around the roots and then rub in with my fingers, the result is a soft tousled whispy look, lots of volume at the roots and no white powdery residue in sight. This can definitely be over loaded which feels heavy and cake, as it is so fine you don't quite realise how much you are using. I am looking forward to picking up the full sized version and I can safely say this is potential holy grail for me.

Have you tried it? Did you love it?

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