Bomb Cosmetics


I was shopping in a little store called Temptation recently and spotted they had some really nice bathroom bits from a brand called Bomb Cosmetics, I had never heard of them before so I decided to pick a few bits up to try but I wanted to share them here first because they are so pretty (I actually don't want to use them for fear of destroying them).

"Bubble by name, bubble by nature. This sweety inspired soap with a candy scent and pure clary sage & bergamot essential oils will leave you whipping up a bubble frenzy."

"A flurry of snowflakes and a calm peace descends upon you as the pure essential oils lavish you with their natural restorative."

"Let us write you a love note, containing the sweetest rose and ylang ylang essential oils (known for thier aphrodisiacal properties) to woo your senses as the natural butters (cocoa) soothe your skin."

"A tribute to our favourite sweeties! A treat of white chocolate scents and pure frankincense & sandalwood essential oils to send you down memory lane, (also contains cocoa butter)."

They all sound great, have you heard of this brand before or tried anything?

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  1. Nice haul!