Anastasia Dip Brow Pomade


So I have actually had this little pot in my possession for about 5 months now but I have only just gathered my thoughts about it recently because I actually found it really hard to get the hang of.

It took me months to master the technique because I was constantly using too much product or ending up with and uneven fade or just two totally different brows. The trick is definitely 'less is more' for this one, I end up using more product on the back of my hand than what goes on my face. You need a very precise angled brush for this to ensure a nice clean line (unless you go in with the concealer every time- I'm far too lazy for that). I found the best technique is to get most of the product off on the back of your hand, then create a nice clean bottom line, fill in the end whilst you have the bulk of the product left on the brush and create the fade last when there is little or no product left, this definitely creates the most natural effect. 

The shade range for these is great, much like the Brow Wiz, so there is a match for pretty much everyone. The formula is kind or a mix between a gel and a cream so it does give you some time to play about if you end up making mistakes but it also sets pretty well although because I have oily skin I still tend to powder and set my brows. I think this is actually supposed to be waterproof but (I haven't tested it fully) I wouldn't say it is, there is some definite movement by the end of the day.

Time-wise, this isn't the quickest brow option, I wouldn't use this on a daily basis purely because I find my Hourglass Arch to be quicker, but the finish of the Dip Brow is worth the time for sure. I haven't been using it daily but I know that if I had I would probably have it down to an art by now and maybe it would be my go-to as it is for many.

Did you get along with this?

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