The Double Cleanse


I have been double cleansing now for well over a year (ever since I realised how badly I had been treating my skin) and I have kind of got a set routine now, one for 'wet' (in the bath or shower) and one for 'dry' (at my desk when I don't want to get soaked by splashing water everywhere), I do switch up the products but these are highly unlikely to change any time soon so I wanted to share my current double cleanse routine.

Firstly I smother my face in the Body Shop Camomile Silky Cleansing Oil which removes every last scrap of make up (yes, even eye makeup) I love it because it is so gentle and yet still works so well, the smell is really relaxing too. Next I splash all the oil off my face, I used to use a muslin cloth but since using the Aesop Tea Tree exfoliator and my Konjac sponge I don't really feel the need for extra exfoliation, I then use one pump of the Aesop Amazing Face Cleanser which gets rid of any remaining oil and anything else my skin seems to be hoarding.

Every other time I either use the Aesop cleanser on my Konjac sponge to exfoliate or I will use half a pump of cleanser and my Aesop Tea Tree Leaf exfoliant after cleansing.

This is mainly what I do first thing in the morning or if I come in late at night. I remove all my make up with the Simple Micellar Water on a couple of large cotton pads, usually one for the face and one for the eyes, I then go in with a cream cleanser (my favourite being the Ren Rosa Centifolia one) again on a few cotton pads, which removes any left over make up and just generally cleanses my natural skin.

Often I will use some kind of toner after my 'dry' cleanse just to remove any cleanser left and to help close my pores, I love the Lush Tea Tree Water for this.

Do you have any double cleanse recommendations?

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