July Favourites


I have been obsessed with this this month, I have only been using in on my arms and décolletage because I only had a sample size and didn't want to waste it, the smell is not what you would typically expect, very subtle but almost edible. I want to try the shower oil now.

2. Square Cotton Pads (from Sainsbury and Tesco baby range)
These are great, instead of using 300 small circular pads I can just use 1 of these, they are huge and really thick so you can use both sides of the pad. Love.

My favourite scent is the Punk Bouquet one but I had heard one too many people raving about Fig Fiction so I picked up the mini version and I have to say it is rave worthy, I'm not exactly sure what a fig should smell like, but this just reminds me of coconuts and being on holiday. mmm.

I tried my first ever BB cream in June and loved it so when I saw this one was aimed at giving a matte finish I grabbed it straight away, I've been wearing this so much this month, the coverage has been great and the finish isn't too matte, it's pretty natural and so good for the price.

I'm usually a gold girl but I recently ordered some silver rings from the & Other Stories sale and I've really been loving them, I kind of feel like silver really compliments a (fake) tan.

I've kept both of these on my desk almost all month, they are both really hydrating and seem to stay on the lips for a good few hours which is great for this time of year plus The Organic Pharmacy one smells so good.

7. My New Desk, the IKEA Laptop Table
Finally, the last favourite is my new desk which I have only had for 1 week but I am obsessed with it, it fits everything perfectly, I have moved it by the window so I can use natural light again and I finally got the IKEA sheepskin rug to put over my chair too.

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