The Famous Jouer Bronzer


I have been after the Jouer Bronzer for a good while now after repeatedly seeing it on Tamira's Lipstickwithsomesunshine, one of my top enablers, and I was planning to order it this month but as I was scrolling through some of Anna's previous posts I noticed she said they were now available in the Blow salon in Covent Garden so I headed there instead.

It was so tempting and I really struggled not to pick up some other bits, but I survived and left with only the product I came for, the bronzing powder in the shade Suntan, 7g for £22, but there was a 25% off sale so I managed to get it for £16.50, steal!

I love the Jouer packaging that all clips together so you can create whatever looks suit your need at the time, it's ingenious. As for the bronzer itself, I cannot give a professional review as I haven't tried it for long enough but I would say it is the perfect shade for light skintones, it's not orange or muddy it's a lively inbetween, I think some girls could even use this as a light contour. It is a matte bronzer but with no glitter or shimmer of any form yet manages to give of a beautiful natural looking glow once on the skin.

I can't wait to get my hands on some more Jouer products, the little glosses look gorgeous and the highlighting cream, the cream blushes, and the matte moisture tint.... I could go on... 

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