Clean brushes


Ahh the tasks of a Saturday morning, the cleansing of the brushes, so satisfying.

I just thought I'd share what I use to clean my brushes and how I do it, and of course show you the beautiful clean results.

Firstly, I use 2 products to clean my brushes, for a thorough clean I use the original Dr Bronner liquid soap (£6) and for a spot clean I use the MAC Brush Cleanser (£10) (I decant it into the Philosophy bottle because 1. I can bare to throw the bottle away 2. This bottle has a spray which makes it much easier to use and 3. I then have 1 more item for my Back-to-mac collection).

For thorough cleaning first I lay out a small towel with all my brushes on, then I use a small bowl for the soap.
I usually try to do it in the bathroom by the sink but sometimes I just use 2 bowls of water to rinse the brushes instead.

I put a small amount of soap into the bowl, pick a brush swirl it in the soap until it gets foamy and then rinse under warm running water to get rid of all soap residue.

For spot cleaning, I use a small facecloth, I spritz the MAC cleanser on the cloth and swirl my brush over it to get the bulk of the product off the brush, this is great if you use one favourite brush for a few different products because it's so quick.

I've seen a few solid brush soaps recently and I might give one a try when my Dr Bronner runs out, they look like a lot less hassle.

What do u use to clean your brushes?

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