Tom Ford Nude Vanille


A couple of months ago I caved and finally treated myself to, I think, one of the most luxurious purchases ever, this £36 lipstick! Amazingly I don't regret it a bit.

I chose the Tom Ford Lip Color in the shade 12 'Nude Vanille' (3g, £36), the sheer summer editions were available in the gorgeous white packaging but I thought if I were going to indulge in such an expensive lipstick I would want to actually see it on my lips.

Of course, the packaging is stunning, it has the deep red (it looks black but it's red when the light hits it) and gold case with the embossed TF on both the lid and the lipstick, I'm actually surprised they don't come in a velvet pouch, it would actually be quite handy but anyway yeah, beautiful.

The product itself is equally beautiful, the shade I chose is perfect for me and I'm so happy I found it because apparently it's pretty hard to get hold of, the formula is soft and creamy, moisturising and has a satin finish, it's highly pigmented too so the colour pay off is great and they are lightly scented with vanilla. Perfect.

Over all I am so happy I purchased this, I have used it almost every day since so I am definitely getting my money's worth. Is it any better than a MAC lipstick for £15? Probably not, but would I buy it again because its gorgeous? Probably yes!

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