New Hair Care: Redken All Soft


I recently decided it was time for a haircut , so I booked an appointment at Rush Hair in the town where I work (which also entitles me to 25% off. Lovely!). 
Rush uses Kerastase hair products, along with Redken and Loreal which I was glad to see when I was booking the appointment, I have never had the pleasure of using any Kerastase or Redken products before but I've read and heard so many good things.

I booked my appointment with one of he Consultants, Monika, and she just have me some long layers and took a bit off the length to make everything nice and healthy again. She then did a bouncy blow dry and finished it off with GHD curls. I am incredibly happy with it and really recommend Rush.

I opted for a Loreal treatment while I was there which stays in the hair for 7 days and was only £8 which I was pretty impressed by. While the very glamorous Monika was chopping at my locks we were talking about my haircare routine and she brought over some bottles for me to read (and google). 
I didn't want the Loreal Salon range just because I thought how different can it really be? And the Kerastase was too much of a price jump from my usual £5 per bottle so I went for the Redken All Soft range, shampoo 300ml (£14) and conditioner 250ml (£15) (the prices will probably vary as this is what the salon charged me not what they retail for). 

All I can say about these so far is WOW!! Monika said you only need a little bit but I thought this was a selling tactic, it wasn't. So you just take a 2p sized blob rub it into your hands and smooth it into your hair, then add a little more water and start to rub it in, I've never used so little product in my life, I usually cover my whole palm (bear in mind that my hair is pretty damn long), same goes for the conditioner which I only put on the ends, I love that they have actually thought about size practicality and made the conditioner smaller, it makes so much more sense. Results are exactly as it says All Soft, beautiful soft healthy shiny hair, salon results it would say. I will definitely be repurchasing this it's truly amazing stuff. 

Can you recommend any other Redken products?

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