Summer Sniffles


If like me, you are one of the unfortunate ones that always gets a cold in the Summer then this post is for you. This is my little survival kit.

Firstly for the allergy sufferers Rhinolast nasal spray is like a Piriton but in spray form and its great when you get the sneezes, next for a blocked nose Sudafed nasal spray is a God send and I love a good throat sweet too, the Covonia Double Impact lozenges have a menthol vapour to help with breathing.
For cough syrup I always use Buttercup, my Nan introduced me to it and it works wonders. I tend to get ear problems when I have a cold so I use Olive Oil drops to clear them right up. Lastly some handbag must haves, Kleenex, of course, but specifically the Balsam Fresh variety and a little can of Anene water spray for the hot flushes and groggy times.

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