Colab, Ruth Crilly Dry Shampoo


I've finally got around to trying the Ruth Crilly Dry Shampoo and here are my thoughts. I chose the London scent for three reasons one it was the most classic scent, two I preferred the black packaging and three it's London. The scent reminds me of the original Batiste dry shampoo but it's slightly more floral and feminine. I have definitely had more use out of the classic as opposed to the Extreme Volume purely because I use it mainly for in between days rather than for styling but I can say neither are sticky or clump hair together in bundles of grey powder, it can go white if you use a lot but I find as long as you shake the can thoroughly it's fine and if not it rubs away much quicker than others I have tried. I really like this dry shampoo, I'm going to be picking up a few of the mini ones too for my handbag. It is also worth noting hat this is usually on offer too which makes its the same price as other brands and it's still a lot cheaper than the 'premium' Haircare brands which don't ever seem to live up to expectations. All round winner.

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