Maxfactor 2000 Calorie Mascara


I recently spotted this mascara in Boots and it brought back memories of when my mum used to use this all the time, back then it was in a more rounded tube and was navy blue in colour, clearly they have had a packaging re-think and brought it a bit more up to date with a sleek black and gold theme which I much prefer. I can't say much about the formula, I am assuming it hasn't changed because it is, after all one of their most famous mascaras, but I didn't use it back in the day so I can only speak for now.

I wanted to find a go-to mascara, one that I can just endlessly repurchase without thought and I think I have found it. This has a traditional fibre wand which is definitely my preference (I usually stab myself in the eye when using the newer rubber wands), it is also traditional in shape being just slightly tapered at the end and the colour is blackest black which is another check off the list. The formula is long lasting and doesn't transfer into my eyelid which is a pet hate of mine, it holds a curl well and separates the lashes nicely, it does clump if there is too much product on the wand which I would say is the only downfall but I do like to add a lot of volume to my lashes as they are so blonde and so short. It doesn't really lengthen but I rarely find mascaras to actually be able to pull this off and find they generally look longer if they are curled nicely from the root which this mascara does. So all in all its a winner for me, and oldie but definitely a goodie.

Have you ever tried this? What is your go-to mascara?

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