Repurchase Worthy Series No.3


Just repurchased a new bottle of this, this is a thick cream cleanser which removes every trace of make up, leaves skin feeling ridiculously soft and hydrated without leaving any kind of film on the skin.

A soft, sweet smelling balm with a tiny hint of milky pink colour that leaves my lips thoroughly moisturised.

A very indulgent purchase, but one I would make again, I have got so much use out of this lipstick and the shade is perfect- like nothing I've ever come across.

I've been through countless bottles of this amazing stuff, such a light consistency but still amazingly high coverage.

A skincare staple of mine, really refreshing and gentle on the skin all the while helping to combat blemishes.

The perfect neutral palette for an easy day look, I prefer this to the Naked 2 Basics and when it eventually disappears I won't hesitate to replace it.

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