Burberry Fresh Glow 01


I have a never ending wanted list from the Burberry Beauty range (no including the new contour stick, the earthy blush, the list goes on…) and this was on it until I was feeling spend last month and thought i'd just go ahead and order it. So far everything I have tried from burberry has been lovely (except for one lipstick which I bought in haste and later discovered it wasn't the best shade for me. whoops!) and this is definitely no exception. This is a water infused primer so it has a very thin consistency, it blends perfectly and hydrates the skin straight away which is great for the morning rush, it creates a lovely youthful glow, nothing greasy or too OTT, very natural. This is not a traditional primer in that it doesn't  really prolong the life of foundation and it doesn't fill in pores or fine lines, and it can actually be used over foundation too as a normal highlighter and it does also give a natural glow used that way. I like to use this when I am using a matte foundation so my face doesn't look too flat but I generally use this under and over foundation as I feel that under alone is not enough for me. This is the champagne shade but it also comes in light bronze shade too which I imagine would be great for the summertime. As for the packaging, I do feel like its slightly oversized so it's not very travel friendly but I love it, its super high end looking which is half of what you pay for so I don't mind the huge bottle. 

Have you tried this at all? I am currently testing out the new Fresh Glow Pen so a review on that will be up soon if you are interested, keep your eyes peeled.

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