H&M Lip Lust


I hate to say it, but I bought yet another lip product the other day, well not just one, two! And they are just too cool for school so of course I had to share them with you guys.

These are simply called Duo Lip and they are £3.99 from H&M. They are basically a gloss and a lipstick all in one handy little tube. The lipstick is a silky creamy texture with a matte finish and the gloss has a teeny little sparkle in it and smells delicious (it is quite sticky but with a small amount it's fine, and really what can you expect for £4).

There are three shades available, the two I got were Peony a petal pink shade which looks lovely on, not too bright or boisterous just delicate and pretty, perfect for spring, and Nougat Rose which is a nude/ light brown/ pink toned shade which is great for everyday. The third which I didn't buy was a brighter more raspberry pink shade and I'm not sure of the name, but for the price I think they are great, lovely colours and just so easy to chuck in your bag. I'm really pleased and I recommend them.

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  1. These look really lovely, I really need to try some H&M makeup and makeup brushes!

    Yet Another Makeup Blog.