NYX Butter Gloss


I recently made a little order from the NYX cosmetics site because I had been craving some of their Butter Glosses for a very long time, so I finally satisfied my needs and 3 of the yummiest sounding flavours which are Vanilla Cream Pie, Eclair and Creme Brûlée. (£5 each).

The consistency of these glosses is gorgeous, thick and creamy without being sticky, the scent is a soft sweet vanilla which is almost edible, I love a great scent in a gloss, it's the perfect finishing touch for me. These glosses feel super moisturising on the lips, the colour pay off is great but of course since they are infact a gloss they don't have great staying power, this is sad but is the case with pretty much every gloss so I can't complain.

The swatches from the top are...

Creme Brûlée which is a soft peach shade that works perfectly with MACs Sunny Seoul lipstick.

Eclair which is a blue toned bubblegum, a spot on match for the ever popular beautiful Snob lipstick also by MAC.

Vanilla Cream Pie which is a perfect coral shade, I like to wear this over a matte nude lipstick to make the colour really stand out, it's going to be a great shade for Summer.

I am so pleased with these and I can see another order coming soon, I really recommend them, they are such great quality considering the price.

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