Fairy Dust


I was in waitrose last week (I had a craving for Doritos) and I happened to come across the home section, they have some really gorgeous stuff at pretty cheap prices too, I ended up leaving with this pretty candle for £8.95.

The candle is called Fairy Dust, such a cute name, it is in a little gold tin and is hand made in Somerset by Lily-Flame ltd (www.lily-flame.co.uk), the burning time for this candle is 30-35 hours.

It says to burn it for 3 hours at a time in order to help it melt evenly, it takes about an hour for the scent to fill my room, the scent by the way is very light and pretty, it's a kind of mix between dolly mixture, baby powder and an old lady perfume, sorry for the poor description. 

I'm so pleased with this little find, there are more in the range too which I might have to check out.

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  1. This is my favorite scent from the Lily Flame range - it's amazing! :o) Xx

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