Zara Scents


I've always been a fan of Zara scents and I've had a few lovely ones in the past, so whilst shopping with my friend the other day I thought I'd have a quick sniff at some of the new Spring scents and of course I ended up walking away with one.

I chose Zara Woman Fruity, 100ml for £14.99. There were so many to chose from, I'd say at least 20 and they are all so affordable, there are different ones for different occasions, some more summery, some more eveningy, I definitely could have picked more than one.

The one I chose reminds me of Cacharel Amor Amor which was one of my favourite perfumes when I was in school, it is very fruity as the name would suggest and so perfect for summer. I have been using  it all week and it has great lasting power so I'm really pleased, so get down to Zara for your Summer scents.

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